A Floral Repurposing Service

Want to share the goodness you're creating?

If you'd like to see your wedding flowers at the bedsides of individuals who could use a boost or smile, we would be very grateful! Seeing the joy on recipients' faces, it is clear how much this gesture means. At Forget Me Knot Flowers, we know that generosity and love are qualities that keep on giving. Here's how our organization works:

Your donation...

In addition to receiving your flowers, a monetary tax-deductible donation is required (based on the scale of your flower collection) which covers operating expenses, furthers awareness and also supports a 501c3 nonprofit youth athletic organization, the USAPVBA (another passion of ours!) Donations are based on the number of wedding arrangements and include; floral pick up, restyling and delivery:

     Donations start at $350.oo  [request a service quote]

. The process is:

-     Flower arrangements will be picked up after the reception at the immediate conclusion of your event.

-     Flowers will be recut, refreshed and re-styled into beautiful bedside bouquets complete with a 'love quote' - giving the blooms an opportunity to make a meaningful connection.

-     Personally delivery of the bouquets to residents/patients at the care facilities/hospitals that have been selected. Along with the bouquets, we will engage in conversation with the recipients about their own 'love stories'.

You receive:

-     Table cards to inform your guests that you will be donating your flowers to the intended facility.

-     A letter for the (tax-deductible) full amount of your monetary donation.

-     Email + photo proof confirmation of delivery (you'll see the smiles!)

We believe in making connections through simple gestures like notes, beautiful flowers and storytelling. All can conjure up happy memories, make someone feel loved and comforted—especially to those that are dealing with loneliness, sickness, terminal illness or injury.

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